Chapter 3: Mix and Match

Items on sale are exclusive of the accessories like belts and necklace. They are for display purpose.*PS: The necklaces are on sale, refer to previous post.



Unique Tee
Pss, there is a line at the centre. The cutting is slimming cutting.
A unique piece. smile.gif

RM 25

Blue Striped Jacket *Thumbs Up!*
Oh my, it's totally a must have jacket. It has two cute pockets, comes with laces as well. Refer to the last picture with flash for the stripe texture.

RM 45 (Market Price about RM 60)
Non restockable

Yellow Vintage Blouse
Mix and match your style. Best match with belt or jacket.

RM 28 (Saw a blogshop selling at RM 35)
Non restockable

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